Our history

Dear customers,

“MEGA” marks its beginnings since 1992, firstly as a design office with three employees, two architectural engineers and one electrical technician. The main activity of the former small-numbered and inexperienced company was preparation of plans, i.e. designs for individual residential buildings, as well as participation in different phases of construction of the same. The modest premises which were at our disposal have never been an obstacle for the real work, it has only been an incentive to create a new vision: what “MEGA” really should become in the future.

Today, “MEGA” has three warehouse premises and two stores, one of which located in Kumanovo and the other in Skopje.

The total number of employees in “MEGA” is now 63.

With its potential and possibilities, “MEGA” unites various activities, starting from import of construction materials and equipment, transport, wholesale and retail, up to installation. As a direct importer and authorized distributor, “MEGA” offers products of world renowned producers in undoubtedly best prices. And the result from keeping pace with the times is always modern and abundant supply of materials and equipment.

The position and the already recognizable brand which “MEGA” has achieved is a result of good organization, constant investments in development, as well as numerous references and satisfied customers.