Inovative attic stairs “ClickFix”


Innovative attic staircases from the world leader in this type of product “Dolle”. The new “Click Fix” stairs feature better insulation system, avoiding thermal bridges and easy and light assembly method which requires no tools.

Three features that make the new staircases unique:
– Small weight and easy handling;
– Fast assembly (video)
– Better insulation(link)

Collection Digital Art

digital art

Digital Art collection of ceramic tiles is the winner of the design award of Cersai 2015.

This beautiful series is inspired by the pixel art of the eighties, but brought to us in a more modern, fresh style, suitable for everyday life.

You can check the catalogue from the collection here:

Promotion of the new collection of tiles “Soft Ornament”


In our showrooms we promote the new collection of tiles “Soft Ornament” from the Polish manufacturer “Opozcno”.

The colors used in this collection are, as the name says, with soft and gentle ornamented texture that adds more depth in the look of the tiles. Combining the tiles with different colors from this collection creates and interesting visual effect in the space. Their neutral colors are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

You are welcome in our showrooms, where the promotion of this collection with great prices has already started!

New series of tiles “Cortex”


The Italian factory San’t Agostino which we exclusively represent in Macedonia presents one more unique series of granite floor tiles.

The series is inspired by the classical rustic interiors in which the wood is the main element. The wood texture, with its uniqueness, gives the space a special mark. The strength of the tiles of this series is ideal for under floor heating and for exteriors and interiors.

Available dimensions are 30×60 cm, format which can be fitted in floor and wall use.

For more information, you can look through the “Cortex” catalogue.

Glass mosaic

Staklen mozaik2

New model of glass mosaics are now available in our stores.

Glass mosaics have always been considered as a unique decoration giving any space a charming and complete look.

We can make number of combinations for your room in consultation with our designers.

Globo lighting fixtures


Globo lighting fixtures offer a wide range of solutions which can reflect your individuality, taste and planing. We believe that the lighting should overcome its functionality and to transform your space in unique and inspiring place.

Our lighting fixtures can elevate your every day life.