Decorative materials

Glass blocks are ideal for creating walls with exceptional brightness and aesthetic refinement, an ideal solution for impressive interior and exterior.

The are available in smooth and wavy surface with a wide spectrum of colors which give an outstanding and remarkable effect in every space.

They also have a wide range of uses.

With its beauty, the decorative stone entirely reflects the texture and the appearance of the natural stone, providing opportunity to capture the elegance and the naturalness of the space with lower investment.

The shaping mold of the decorative stone is done by direct shaping of the natural stone’s relief, which on the one hand provides maintaining the natural form and on the other, the color and shade palette can greatly expand in relation to the natural stone.

The colors of the decorative stones have a wide range from lightest to darkest shade, satisfying every taste and wish.

Tiles with stone texture are granite by composition, easy to maintain and they give an interesting look and special dimension to the space.