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Consumer’s possibility
“Mega” DOO offers you the possibility of designing, preparation of preliminary solutions of your space. With the complete service of our highly educated team, you can make your 3D design idea a perfect and complete reality.

Marketing materials
Preparation of weekly and monthly leaflets as well as a general catalog for the current year, with pictures, illustrations and information for the entire assortment which Mega DOO has at its disposal. The time frame of the product discount:

Discount sale of products is 30 days from the day of its start or up until the sale of quantities. Mega DOO reserves the right to enter, alternate, terminate and stop information on discount products. Mega disclaims any error information on articles.

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Employment form
Here in Mega, we know that business success is also people’s success. Therefore, we make an effort to hire, develop and keep the best talents, as well as making pleasant and motivational working environment in the company which will inspire the employees in their everyday work. The interested candidates can fill in the employment form and submit a CV at, or at our address Josko Ilievski b.b., 1300, Kumanovo.